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white wolf watches a mourning cloak butterfly pass by wildlife oil painting by fine artist james corwin

Serendipity - White Wolf - 30x40 Oil on canvas

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This is a painting of a white wolf joyfully watching a mourning cloak butterfly pass by. The mourning cloak is an incredible butterfly as it can live up to 11 months!! Most butterflies only live for about 2 weeks. The mourning cloak is also the state insect of Montana.
I have this recurring theme integrating the small animals with the big in gentle pairings that soften the stigma that usually accompanies the larger, fiercer animals, such as wolves.
Every once and a while I create a painting that I feel goes above and beyond my other work. This is one of them.

Limited edition prints of Serendipity are available here.

Oil painting by James Corwin - Wildlife Artist