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african mother lion grooms her cub art painting limited edition print

Bath Time - Wholesale

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"Bath Time" 24x36 oil on canvas.

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12x18 R - $250

12x18 E - $590

24x36 R - $400

24x36 E - $1,190

 This painting reminds me of the scene in The Lion King when Sarabi grooms Simba before going to the watering hole/elephant graveyard. Simba says, “Mom! Youre messing up my mane! Can we go now?”

This painting is now available in a Limited Edition of 95. Each print is signed and numbered by James Corwin.

Presented in a very fine giclee printing process to achieve high detail and the original appeal of oil paint. This print is ready to hang right from the packaging!

Print is gallery-wrapped canvas.

You may choose to have your print embellished by the artist. James Corwin will add additional oil paint and texture to the surface of the print for a one-of-kind original print with a second signature.

The wonderful thing about limited edition prints is the opportunity to own artwork at a fraction of the original price, yet it still increases in value every year! Invest in art.

Includes free shipping, you can't beat that!