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Evanescence - Wholesale

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"Evanescence" 24x30 oil on canvas.


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16x20 R - $240
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24x30 E - $990

Evanescence - Something that possesses qualities of evanescence, has a quality of disappearing or vanishing.

I chose to create an additional painting based on the butterfly theme because it softens the ferocity and the perspective often perceived with these large carnivores (i.e. wolf, bear). I love the idea of these "beasts" enjoying a evanescence moment with something so gently and delicate like a butterfly. It's the perfect contrast.

This painting is now available in a Limited Edition of 95. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist

Presented in a very fine giclee printing process to achieve high detail and the original appeal of oil paint. This print is ready to hang right from the packaging!

You may choose to have your print embellished by the artist. James Corwin will add additional oil paint and texture to the surface of the print for a one-of-kind original print with a second signature.

The wonderful thing about limited edition prints is the opportunity to own artwork at a fraction of the original price, yet it still increases in value every year! Invest in art.

Includes free shipping, you can't beat that!