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Art Leasing Program

How would you feel if you could enjoy fine art without paying the high price for it?

I bet you're a bit like me and would love to have artwork hanging in your home or office, but sometimes it is difficult to part with your money to buy it, right?

Typically you have 2 options, either you sadly walk away without owning any art, or you bite the bullet and make it happen. But I have introduced a 3rd...

Would you be open minded to idea of leasing fine art on a very low monthly budget?

Here is how it works...

Choose from any of the artworks below. There are various sizes and options available.

Lease terms last for only 3 months. Low monthly rental rates based on size. You can find any size you desire to fill your space!

After 3 months you can turn in your artwork for new pieces or continue with your favorites for another 3 months! 

Shipping is covered to you! So you can enjoy your artwork right away! Only pay shipping when you exchange artwork.

The best part... All rental fees paid are saved towards owning the artwork. So whatever you pay into the leasing program over time, rewards you with the option to own any artwork.


Let's get started...

1. Choose a painting below that you love most!

2. Choose which size you think will work best.

3. Would you like it embellished?

4. Add it to your cart and enjoy Free Shipping!


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