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"The kits were designed to foster creativity and bring excitement to the skill of painting. I feel blessed to wake up every day and do something creative that I love and I want to share that with you! I love teaching others how to paint. My hope is that when you paint with me, even if it is your first time, it will ignite a passion for art and exploring your innate desire to create!"

Hi, I am James Corwin, a professional wildlife artist. I have designed a fine art kit paired with a step-by-step instructional video delivering the same rich content and amazing results as in my widely attended workshops.


My kits include all the painting supplies you need to complete your own painting while learning from one of my many step by step painting videos!! 

Also inside the kit is a unique code to access a large library of step by step instructional videos!!!

Teaching you how paint some of my most popular paintings in less than 2 hours!

New painting videos will continually be added so you will always have an opportunity to paint something new!

4k Streaming on any device! Play it as many times as you want!

I am so excited about these kits and have spent hours filming amazing professional instructional videos!

I plan to have the first shipment of these kits by September, so expect your first kit delivered this fall!

The kits are currently being manufactured with personal branding!

I also have distribution set up with a facility in Denver, CO. Mountain Packaging will receive the large shipments from the manufacturer and redistribute the inventory and fulfill sales. Denver is a large city and centrally located for convenient and faster shipping speeds.

Kits will be set up for individual sale, priced at $39.95. 

These kits are one-time use. Which is why I have also set up a subscription plan to receive 1 or 2 kits automatically delivered per month. With a growing library of painting videos, you never have to worry about painting the same image twice!

Shipping will be free for all orders.

The online painting videos will also be available for rent without ordering a kit!



I am so excited to bring this kit to life and can't wait for you to be a part of it!

James Corwin designs distinct oil paintings through a unique balance of gestural paint techniques and precise detail. Primarily focused on wildlife Corwin aims to engage the viewer through his dynamic compositions that stir emotion.

With an appreciation for both fine detail and contemporary art, Corwin exquisitely marries the two in each painting with detailed subjects and loosely constructed backgrounds often exposing the underpainting and raw canvas.

Corwin gathers inspiration and references from his frequent travels to exotic destinations around the world. A trip to South Africa opened his eyes to threats of poaching on wildlife. Frequent trips back to Africa have allowed James to work directly with conservation efforts.

Corwin has established himself as a widely collected artist at a very young age. His artwork is collected nationally and internationally as he participates in prestigious exhibitions and auctions throughout the year.


By providing utmost quality and innovation in his painting, Corwin creates a sustaining legacy of integrity and loyalty in his art and conservation. 


Corwin was born June 24, 1991 in Honolulu, HI. He is 27 years old.

If you aren't able to order a kit, but know someone who may love one, please share this campaign and my website! I would love to get these out into the market and start sharing the joy of painting!

Thank you so much for your support and help bringing these to market! It really means the world to me! I am so looking forward to painting with you!

Samples are on their way! The first kit will be in my mailbox soon to approve and make any changes before full production. Here are some preliminary images from my manufacturer. The box has not been printed yet and interior contents will be shrink wrapped together to eliminate shifting during shipping.

I will be approving the kit on July 27. If major changes need to be made, then production may be lengthened. Otherwise, if I approve, then the kits will go into mass production and take about 40 days before delivery!


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