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About James

I have 2 goals as an artist.

My purpose behind each piece I create is to elicit an emotion from the viewer; to be drawn in and share an intimate moment with the story unfolding inside the painting.

The other is to bring the beauty of nature to you, created as a reflection of how I see the world and to preserve its fragility by giving back.

I gather my inspiration and references from frequent travels around the world.

By providing the utmost quality and innovation in my painting, I aim to create a sustaining legacy of integrity and loyalty with my collectors, art and conservation.

Represented by over 30+ galleries nationwide including his own, Corwin Galleries, James is quickly becoming the preeminent wildlife artist of our time. He is prestigiously collected nationally and internationally through both private and corporate collections.

He currently resides in Missoula, MT.

“I used to feel lost. Bouncing from one creative idea to the next, such as butterfly releases for weddings, to the next big music score. Then, I discovered I could paint at 18 years of age. It was tough at first and I certainly wasn’t very good, but thanks to a few early collectors and encouragement, I latched onto something I could stick with. Within the first couple years, I had created hundreds of paintings, and exhibited at numerous shows. I was prolific and I felt seen.

The real win for me, though, were the friendships with collectors I made. I discovered that not only did my painting continually improve, but sharing my art with people—friends like you, and the new ones I am making each day—made me feel alive.

I’m so glad you were willing to visit my art page today. I called ahead and they’ve reserved that painting for you…” Welcome to the family.


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